ATC Annual General Meeting

The ATC Annual General Meeting was held virtually (ZOOM) on April 21st @ 7:00 PM.

A quorum was present and the meeting was conducted as per the agenda

Reports were submitted by President Paul Scissons, Vice-President Bill Adams, Treasurer Derek Rafuse, Membership Coordinator Cecilia Kelly, Property Manager Karl Krech, Program Coordinator Hyacinth Chatterton, and Social Coordinator Terry Dyer-Adams.

Paul Scissons thanked the membership for their support in this challenging Covid year. As it is Paul’s final commitment to the President’s chair, he also thanked the ATC Executive for their support and assistance in making his last three years productive.

The minutes of the 2021 ATC AGM are

Nominations to fill executive vacancies resulted in Bill Adams being elected as President and Bruce Paulauskas being elected Vice-President.

Bill thanked Paul for his service to the club which saw significant improvements to the courts infrastructure and overall administration (electronic membership and banking options, renewed website, light timers, net and wind screen upgrades, and a safe and secure response to Covid). The ATC remains healthy and solvent due to Pauls leadership and the dedication of all executive members.

While the 2021 official tennis season starts May 1st, membership applications for 2021 have been suspended due to the Provincial Stay-at-home lockdown. It is expected that play will resume once provincial and local health authorities deem it safe to do so.

You will be updated through this website as changes occur.

Bill Adams
ATC President

Annual General Meeting

The Almonte Tennis Club Annual General Meeting will be held (Virtually by ZOOM) on Wednesday, April 21st at 7:00 PM.  All ATC members are encouraged to attend.


Meeting Protocol

Meetings conducted virtually require more structure.
** Parliamentary “Rules of Order” will apply.
** Please “mute” your microphone when not speaking.
** Please hold all questions until the formal AGM portion of the meeting is complete. The floor will be open any questions at the end.

ZOOM Joining Instructions

Join Zoom Meeting on COMPUTER

Meeting ID: 634 071 9106
Passcode: 1234
Join Zoom Meeting by PHONE
        +1 647 374 4685 Canada OR
        +1 647 558 0588 Canada

Meeting ID: 634 071 9106
Passcode: 1234

Looking forward to your participation.

Paul Scissons
ATC President

Membership Registration Suspended

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills has closed recreation facilities in response to the current Provincial Emergency Stay-At-Home Order.

Your ATC Executive will continue to monitor this closure. 

Rules and Recommended Behaviour are in place and posted on the ATC website to ensure healthy play once the courts are open.

The Gate Lock Code has been changed to restrict access to maintenance personnel.

As of this posting, Membership Registration is Suspended until the courts have opened.

When the courts reopen, a Gate Code will be sent to all members.

Thank you all for your support in keeping our tennis community safe.

Paul Scissons
ATC President

Covid Update

** Text from the Mississippi Mills Website **

“In accordance with (the Provincial Emergency and Stay-at-home order) , Municipal Facilities and Services will be closed to the public for four (4) weeks or until further notice effective 4:30 pm this afternoon (April 8th).”

All outdoor recreation facilities are closed. This includes the Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Frisbee Golf, Skate Board Park and playground equipment. The new Covid-19 variant that has been linked to many local cases has been determined to spread more easily. Symptoms may also be more severe with an increased need for hospital care. We do not feel confident in our ability to ensure outdoor recreation facilities are sanitized sufficiently to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition these facilities can encourage gathering, which can also lead to spread.”

The above text can be viewed at

Paul Scissons
ATC President

Ontario Tennis Association

The Almonte Tennis Club is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association, and in normal years ATC obtains information and support from them, including workshops and clinics.

A recent communication from OTA outlines plans for their 2021 program season. Included will be a Youth Summer Camp Program.

Information on this camp and information on a full range of OTA services can be found at the OTA website link below.

2021 Club Update

Your ATC Executive has been busy preparing for the 2021 season, and with the warm weather upon us, everyone is eager to open the courts for play. Still, we must be mindful of the Covid 19 Virus still in our community and the annual schedule the town maintains for the general re-opening of sport facilities. Net returns are scheduled for the week of April 12th.

REGISTRATION for 2021 is now open. Please go to the ATC website for on-line and hard copy registration options. Website at (

The tennis club will be operating under the same “Rules and Recommended Behaviour” as last year, in compliance with the Provincial Covid-19 Restrictions in place. Please check the ATC website to review these safety recommendations.

ATC will NOT be organizing any programs, social events, lessons or activities at this time. Please play in your bubble. Due to Covid tracing and tracking requirements, no guests will be permitted to play on ATC courts.

The ATC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for April 21st at 7:00 PM. It will be conducted via ZOOM, and all members are invited to attend. A ZOOM connection Notification on the ATC website will follow.

Interesting in getting involved?? Volunteers are important to the health and well-being of our Tennis Club. We welcome your new ideas and energy. Please contact or to indicate your interest.

ATC facilities are vulnerable to health and by-law inspections and public complaints which could result in a total shutdown of the courts.

While the Covid risk fluctuates at times through different levels in our community, let’s always commit to keep our level of health and safety at the highest level.

Paul Scissons
ATC President

Game, Set, Match

To all ATC members!

Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year from your ATC Executive! 

We want to express our sincere “Thanks” to everyone for making 2020 a safe and successful year.

Tennis proved for many to be a welcome relief to the periods of social isolation due to public health required lock-downs.

Everyone did a great job respecting social distancing, following new rules and recommended behaviour and being diligent with additional sanitizing requirements; all focused to keep COVID 19 out of our ATC community.

Our hope is to return this Spring with a full agenda and very few limitations.

Enjoy the break, stay healthy…easy on the sweets and see you all in the Spring.

Your ATC Executive

End of Season


When the nets come down on Monday, let’s congratulate ourselves for making it safely through this crazy pandemic season.

The weather this summer was fantastic and tennis provided an escape from isolation and a feeling that at least some part of our scheduled lives was near normal.

Diane, pictured here made the best of time and opportunity to run up 75 days of tennis this year. A pretty amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!!

See you all in 2021!!!