Tennis Pick-Up Game

At the bottom of the left sidebar there is now a live-chat feature that allows members the opportunity to extend an open invitation to play a game or join an unscheduled activity.

The chat is free to join, just by entering your first name where asked. There is no sign-up details required.

This area could be used by several persons looking to organize a foursome, just provide the date and time you intend to play.

Or, the area could be used by an individual looking for a game at the last minute.

This pick-up game area will be on trial until the end of the month. Please report feedback ( if you use the area. And please report any glitches or problems joining or using.


ATC – The Next Generation

ADHS Phys Ed Class
Ms. St. John – Orange shirt in back row – Ms. Morrison in sky blue shirt in front row.

The Almonte Tennis Club is strong on proactive leadership to encourage youth participation in the game of tennis. ATC provides court access to the Almonte and District High School, and on September 17th, school teacher Ms. Stephanie St. John had 19 of her Phys Ed students active on all three courts.

As an added bonus, Tennis Canada Certified Instructor, Ms. Janet Morrison was out for the occasion, helping to instil good practice and provide a fun-filled atmosphere of learning to the students. What a great way to encourage youth involvement and develop future club members.

Janet Morrison is an ATC Executive Board member and Youth Program Chair. Information on lessons for all age groups can be found on the ATC “Youth Programs” page.

Ms. St. John – Advice and Encouragement

Exhibition Games Report


Here’s a hearty “thank-you” to all who participated in the “EXHIBITION-GAMES” at ATC (Sun-8th-Sep), celebrating this year’s 10-week Mixed-Doubles Challenge-Ladder (MD-CL) !

It was fab to have reps from other clubs joining us on this special occasion——un grand merci, aussi, aux …

• ATC members who contributed oh-so-delish “snickie-snackies” (including Doug, although unable attend)

• Terry & her Social Committee, who created a welcome “oasis” where we were well-hydrated and well-covered

Our awesome “Court Supervisors”——Janet-M and Sandy-C-S——(plus added help from Carolyn-K), who rose to the challenge of figuring-out the Team-Scores—h!-h!!

• Our on-the-spot photogs who recorded many shots of the group in action … Al, Bill, Bozena, Carolyn, Cecilia, Dave, Deborah, Denyse, Derek, Elaine, Jacques, Janet-F, Janet-M, June, Melissa, Paul, Rob, Sandy, Terry, Tom.

May I also congratulate those who were “Regular-Players”, “Spare-Players” and “Supporters-in-the-Wings” for the MD-CL- 2019——this all contributed to the smooth running of this very popular activity, which will definitely remain on the list for SUMMER-2020 ! 
(BTW, you will shortly receive a note regarding the results of everyone’s steadfast efforts in the success of this programme.)


Exhibition Games

On Sunday September 8th, 18 players gathered for a fun-filled afternoon of tennis under the tutelage of resident Pro Hyacinth Chatterton.

September 2019 Exhibition

Although the event was delayed by a day due to rain, players from as far as Westport came to share in our activities. It was gratifying to learn that our Almonte Tennis Club has such a strong reputation within the region.

As a bonus to the afternoon of play, Hyacinth added an element of instruction which made the time both enjoyable and productive. This strategy is a fun way to better learn the game and the retention of the learning seems to last much longer as a result.

Through the round-robin format, one group emerged the winners. They are to be congratulated both for attaining the largest aggregate score, but also for their generosity is sharing their chocolate prize.

Back Row L-R Al, Rob, Dave
Front Row L-R Melissa, Cecilia, Terry

Thanks to Hyacinth for organizing this event as well as the many volunteers who helped with the set-up and organization throughout the day.

Fall Workshops

Intended for teens and adults up to player level 3.5 (if you can consistently and confidently perform and place all of the elements below at a fast pace and with varied spin in match situations, you are at or above 3.5).  
Great tips for beginners but everyone can benefit from reminders about the basics!-Meet other players.

FREE for members$10 for non- members

1. GRS: Groundstrokes, Ready, Set – Saturday 14 September 10:00
2. VOL:  Volley, Overhead, Lob – Saturday 21 September 10:00
3. SRV: Serve, Return, Variety shots – Saturday 5 October 10:00
All 3: Feet, Feet, Feet!

Stay after to practice in friendly matches on 2 courts from 11:00 – 12:00!

SIGN UP NOW TO GET A SPOT!Maximum 10 players per workshop.
Sign up with Janet asap at