Exhibition Games

On Sunday September 8th, 18 players gathered for a fun-filled afternoon of tennis under the tutelage of resident Pro Hyacinth Chatterton.

September 2019 Exhibition

Although the event was delayed by a day due to rain, players from as far as Westport came to share in our activities. It was gratifying to learn that our Almonte Tennis Club has such a strong reputation within the region.

As a bonus to the afternoon of play, Hyacinth added an element of instruction which made the time both enjoyable and productive. This strategy is a fun way to better learn the game and the retention of the learning seems to last much longer as a result.

Through the round-robin format, one group emerged the winners. They are to be congratulated both for attaining the largest aggregate score, but also for their generosity is sharing their chocolate prize.

Back Row L-R Al, Rob, Dave
Front Row L-R Melissa, Cecilia, Terry

Thanks to Hyacinth for organizing this event as well as the many volunteers who helped with the set-up and organization throughout the day.

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