Rally for Lilly



Event organizer Janet Morrison opened the courts early in fog shrouded darkness on a perfect Almonte fall day. Honking geese heading to the fields heralded the arrival of our stalwart morning ladies’ group, who played some great matches against gusty winds.

The afternoon brought out a mix of players. Seasoned ATC members, players that have been absent from the game for awhile and others who have never held a tennis racquet nor played a game. Great fun was had by all and it is hoped that these non-members will consider joining our tennis community next season.   

After dark the courts filled with a team of 15-year-old MTK hockey players who were not only fashionable but also good sports and contributors to the cause.

Lilly , her brother Braxton and her mom Jodi came out around 4:30 pm.  Lilly was full of energy and enthusiasm to try tennis.  She and Braxton rallied for a bit and tried out the practice wall.  Although Lilly found it a bit frustrating at times, she stuck to the challenge, as seems to be her nature, and had some fun, especially aiming at her brother!   I think they will take us up on our offer to come out in the spring and have some fun and more time to learn this great game.  It might be a nice activity for the whole family!

Lilly’s mother expressed her sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the Rally for Lilly.  She is amazed at how the community has supported them on their journey.

Total amount raised was $700.

Special thanks to the Leroux family who went far afield to obtain donations, and to Lynda for her efforts encouraging players to attend.

What a perfect way to celebrate the end of a winning season; the nets come down today.

We will see you in the Spring!!!

MTX Hockey Team

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