Court Play Update


Last evening I participated in an OTA on-line meeting. Over 40 persons were connected from Tennis Clubs in Ottawa and surrounding areas. The discussions were quite interesting but the main take-away for us is, we planned well and are in good shape. 

Just to emphasize our limitations and playing rules:

1.) NO washrooms are open for the foreseeable future.
2.) Court play is Members Only! NO GUESTS.
3.) NO official organized activities.
4.) SINGLES play is HIGHLY recommended with adherence to Social Distancing measures.

Full Rules and Recommended Behaviour is a menu item in the left column of this website.  

Remember please that our courts are open because of relaxed restrictions due to a pandemic.

The use of our courts is subject to by-law surveillance and enforcement.

The use of our courts is also under the watchful eye of our Mississippi Mills community.

Watch for and correct behaviour that could be cause for complaint.

Any complaint could be cause for sanction.

Restrictions can be increased by our club executive, the municipality and the province as required to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Thanks for your support through these changing and challenging times.

Please check this website for updated information.

Now…. Let’s play tennis

Paul Scissons


Opening Preparations


  1. Courts will be available for play on Wednesday morning May 20th.

Go to MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION on this website for on-line application and payment options. When you submit your registration, a new lock code will be sent to you by e-mail.


These rules are mandatory and are subject to Municipal By-Law Inspection.

Please play safely.

2. Courts will undergo final preparations for opening on Tuesday May 19th


3. President Paul Scissons will be attending a compliance review meeting (virtual) on Tuesday with other presidents under the OTA umbrella.

4. Please make sure that you are registered for website updates.

Welcome to the 2020 season!!

COVID 19 Update

Your ATC Executive is in the process of reviewing Provincial, Local and Ontario Tennis Association guidelines for the safe opening of tennis facilities.

We are in-line and up-to-date with a best case timeline.

Further information will follow as soon as it is available.

In preparation you might want to review the Rules and Recommended Behaviour page from the ATC Website menu. (Subject to Change)

Thanks for your patience…… Paul Scissons

2020 Season Update

Update:  May 8/2020

Greetings Almonte Tennis Club Members!

Your ATC Executive is on it!

As of today, May 8th 2020 there NO CHANGE in the status of our situation. The date of June 30th is still in place. We are in communication with the Town and we are working together to insure a safe and secure opening when we get the official OK.

Please know that we are reviewing recommendations from Tennis Canada and Ontario Tennis to establish “Recommended Behaviours” for a compliant return to Tennis. You will see below the new expectations – please read through and start to prepare for the season ie: tennis balls, water bottles, hand sanitizer, sani-wipes, gloves, masks and select playing partners. You will be responsible for your behaviour as a member of ATC.  Fortunately the game of tennis is played by persons who understand proper behaviour, rules and etiquette.

We are also reviewing our facility to develop a list of changes that will need to be made to assist in supporting the “Recommended Behaviours”. The plan is to be “ready to go” when we get the nod.

Please review the following. (Subject to updates)


ATTENTION: It is highly recommended that you play singles matches.


  1. Play based on the government authority measures and that of our municipality.
  2. Play only with family members, persons living in your household or individuals considered to be low risk.
  3. Wait outside the courts until your turn and wait for players to depart.


  1. Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for 20 seconds before play.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer.
  3. Clean your equipment, including your racquets and water bottles.
  4. Do not share equipment with your playing partner.
  5. Bring enough water to avoid having to touch a tap or water fountain handle.
  6. Consider wearing a mask or gloves while playing.
  7. If you cough or sneeze, do so in a tissue or in your sleeve.
  8. Avoid touching door handles, gates, benches and other objects. If you touch something, wash your hands and disinfect the surface.


  1. As much as possible, keep a 2-metre distance with other players. We strongly suggest only playing singles.
  2. Avoid all physical contact, for example shaking hands.
  3. Avoid touching your face after manipulating a ball, racquet or hitting the ball.
  4. Avoid sharing food, drinks and towels.
  5. Use your racquet and your foot to pick up the balls or to send a ball to another player.
  6. Stay on your side of the court.
  7. Use two cans of balls with distinct numbers or identify your balls to differentiate them and only handle the balls that are yours.


  1. Wash your hands carefully with water and disinfectant soap or with hand sanitizer.
  2. Do not loiter within the courts.
  3. Leave the court immediately after you finish playing

Thank you in advance for your willingness to prepare for our 2020 Tennis Season!

Stay tuned for further updates.


Paul Scissons
President and on behalf of your ATC Executive.