Court Play Update


Last evening I participated in an OTA on-line meeting. Over 40 persons were connected from Tennis Clubs in Ottawa and surrounding areas. The discussions were quite interesting but the main take-away for us is, we planned well and are in good shape. 

Just to emphasize our limitations and playing rules:

1.) NO washrooms are open for the foreseeable future.
2.) Court play is Members Only! NO GUESTS.
3.) NO official organized activities.
4.) SINGLES play is HIGHLY recommended with adherence to Social Distancing measures.

Full Rules and Recommended Behaviour is a menu item in the left column of this website.  

Remember please that our courts are open because of relaxed restrictions due to a pandemic.

The use of our courts is subject to by-law surveillance and enforcement.

The use of our courts is also under the watchful eye of our Mississippi Mills community.

Watch for and correct behaviour that could be cause for complaint.

Any complaint could be cause for sanction.

Restrictions can be increased by our club executive, the municipality and the province as required to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Thanks for your support through these changing and challenging times.

Please check this website for updated information.

Now…. Let’s play tennis

Paul Scissons


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