ATC Adult Programming


Warm Welcome to Almonte Tennis Club’s NEW and RENEWING members for Season-2020 ! 

In attempting to cope with recommended Covid-19 guidelines, adjustments have been made to ensure safe on-court experiences.

So … I am really pleased to let you know that a popular feature of ATC’s Adult Programming will not only remain intact—but it will actually be revamped to include some additional areas.  Bonus, sans doute !

Case in point … on Fridays in JULY & AUG, I will build on our past communication-sessions, by posting weekly onto our website from a Section below—designed to “cheer you along” from my “virtual” court-side position:

#[1]—FUN-FACTS [will often be presented as quizzes ]
#[2]—HELPFUL-HINTS [tools for you to view progress 
#[3]—PRACTICE-PLAYS [hone that competitive spirit ! ]

Beginning on FRIDAY JULY 3RD, the first of this 9-week “E-series” will begin!  As we proceed, please feel free to send me your feedback &/or quiz-replies, whenever you’re able tO.


ATC-Pro & Adult Programme Coordinator

3 thoughts on “ATC Adult Programming”

  1. We are really missing our Friday nights with your expert organization and tips. We will will look forward to next year. Thanks for your e posts Hyacinth!

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