ATC Update

Happy Canada Day. The weather is great and the tennis courts are open for your play.

Your ATC Executive is monitoring the Covid 19 situation and will be modifying the 2020 program year as required. On a positive note, our membership has been strongly supportive and the courts are being safely used for both singles and doubles play. Thank you for following the Rules and Recommended Behaviour to keep us and the community safe.

There was a question from a new member. “Given the fact that adult and youth programs have been postponed, and as a new member not knowing very many people, is there any way to contact other members to arrange a game?”


Our website now has a Player-To-Player page where members can register their name, skill level and availability to play. On the same page, the player-to-player list can be downloaded for easy reference.

For privacy purposes, this page is PASSWORD PROTECTED. The password is the same as the gate padlock password which you received by e-mail when you registered

The Player-To-Players list will be updated on a regular basis.


Our ATC Pro Hyacinth Chatterton has initiated an on-line page called Hyacinth’s Corner.

Through the months of July and August, Hyacinth will be posting quizzes, player tips and other information to keep you engaged and challenged.

Hyacinth’s Corner first post can be found on our website.

Hyacinth’s Corner page is PASSWORD PROTECTED to safeguard some proprietary information. The password is the same as the gate padlock password which you received by e-mail when you registered.

Enjoy the Canada Day celebrations and please make use of our courts safely!

Paul Scissons
ATC President

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