Hyacinth’s Corner Update


Many thanks to those who participated in the first event right away, by sending responses to the “Vladimir/Olaf”-QUIZ—the 1st of the “communication-bits” (Comm-Bits) in ATC’s Adult Programming-2020!  If you have not yet had a chance to reply, you may still do so, bien sûr !

 Some Points to Note:

[a]—#2 in this series of “virtual” activities/suggestions – PRACTICE-TO-PLAY- will be sent FRI-10th-JULY
[b]—at the end of AUGUST, there will be recognition of all participation, so I look forward to receiving your ongoing feedback re these “Comm-Bits”


Hyacinth-C  —613-623-0976

2 thoughts on “Hyacinth’s Corner Update”

  1. Thanks for sending me updates on the club activities. I still have a little problem with my back, but hopefully I will get there eventually.
    Also some serious personal problems. Al said he would hit with me one day and I may just try. See you all one of these days….

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