Hyacinth’s Corner Update

Editor’s Note

Hyacinth’s Corner is an initiative offered by our club pro Hyacinth Chatterton to keep ATC players actively thinking about tennis and provide opportunities to improve their play.

Updates will be sent to this, the main ATC webpage, but the program posts will be added to the Hyacinth’s Corner page that is available in the left hand menu side of the website. Please note that this page is password protected at Hyacinth’s request. The password is the same as the tennis court gate code.

The following is information on Hyacinth’s upcoming posting to her page.

Many thanks for participating in Week-1 of ATC’s “virtual” programming, by sending your response to the “Vladimir/Olaf” QUIZ ! 

You were correct in identifying that the point goes to Olaf, since the ball was still in play when Vladimir vaulted the net to his opponent’s side.

Next Steps

    [a] #2 in this series of “virtual” communication – PRACTICE-TO-PLAY—will be sent FRIDAY July 10th.

    [b] At the end of AUGUST, there will be recognition of participation, so I look forward to receiving your ongoing feedback re these “communication-bits” …

CHEERS ! … Hyacinth-C  —613-623-0976

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