Hyacinth’s Corner



The next two “communication-bits” will be added to the Hyacinth’s Corner Page on the ATC website on July 24th & July 31st and will highlight 10 of the important areas in which Y-O-U are absolutely IN CHARGE while on the tennis court!  

Being continually aware of these areas will definitely be positive stepping-stones to your increased enjoyment of this FABSPORT, and also advance your own improvement.   

They’re part of the Section of “Helpful-Hint” (H-H), and emphasize TAKING CONTROL, WHEN you can, and WHERE you can … Thinking/Prepping Ahead   

I know that most of you plan to participate in ATC’s “OTT-Valley” tourney (rescheduled from 2020 to 2021)

These 10 H-H’s will be fab additions to your “play-book”.  Really & Truly!!


HC Smile —613-623-0976

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