Gate Code Change

On Sunday evening, after dark, the tennis court gate padlock was stolen while an ATC member was practicing. The member believes that a suspect of this theft was among a group of young persons on skate-boards.

The lock has been replaced and the code changed.

The new code can be obtained on the “Members Only Page” of this website. The “Members Only Page” is password protected. You were informed of this password by email when you obtained your 2020 membership.

If you are a ATC member and cannot remember or find this password, email and the password will be provided to you.

If any member knows someone in the skateboarding community, please reach out to see if the lock can be located and returned. It is not cheap!

As a reminder, the courts will be closed for the season on November 16th.

Enjoy the remaining days of good weather.

Paul Scissons
ATC President

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