ATC Annual General Meeting

The ATC Annual General Meeting was held virtually (ZOOM) on April 21st @ 7:00 PM.

A quorum was present and the meeting was conducted as per the agenda

Reports were submitted by President Paul Scissons, Vice-President Bill Adams, Treasurer Derek Rafuse, Membership Coordinator Cecilia Kelly, Property Manager Karl Krech, Program Coordinator Hyacinth Chatterton, and Social Coordinator Terry Dyer-Adams.

Paul Scissons thanked the membership for their support in this challenging Covid year. As it is Paul’s final commitment to the President’s chair, he also thanked the ATC Executive for their support and assistance in making his last three years productive.

The minutes of the 2021 ATC AGM are

Nominations to fill executive vacancies resulted in Bill Adams being elected as President and Bruce Paulauskas being elected Vice-President.

Bill thanked Paul for his service to the club which saw significant improvements to the courts infrastructure and overall administration (electronic membership and banking options, renewed website, light timers, net and wind screen upgrades, and a safe and secure response to Covid). The ATC remains healthy and solvent due to Pauls leadership and the dedication of all executive members.

While the 2021 official tennis season starts May 1st, membership applications for 2021 have been suspended due to the Provincial Stay-at-home lockdown. It is expected that play will resume once provincial and local health authorities deem it safe to do so.

You will be updated through this website as changes occur.

Bill Adams
ATC President

One thought on “ATC Annual General Meeting”

  1. Hi Paul

    Thank you for sending me all the news of the club. It has been great to be kept up to date of what’s going on. I run into Al every so often, so we exchange news too. I am planning to become a member this year. Not sure how well I can play. I have played only once in a year. Last year, of course with my husband being ill and then consequently, as you know, died was a tough one, so didn’t get to play tennis. I miss the getting together with the members too and since there are many levels of players I hopefully will not feel totally useless.. Say hi to Cecilia.

    See you on the court, safely!! (Had my vaccine shot)

    Anne Marie


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