Covid Update

PLEASE………. NO Guests on the courts!!

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills acting on advice from the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit have authorized that all three ATC courts can now open with safety and health restrictions.

The ATC “Rules and Recommended Behaviour”, court signage and protocols established in 2020 meet these health and safety expectations. To further protect members and the community please also follow two added recommendations;

  1. Each time, before heading to the courts please take the Covid-19 Self Assessment at
  2. Keep keep a personal note of the date and time of play and the players in your group in the event that contract tracing information is required by District Health medical authorities due to Covid exposure.

During Covid-19, programming and lessons have been suspended, and guests are not allowed.

These steps that ATC and other clubs have implemented have given confidence to health and municipal officials that the risk of infection is low, allowing the courts to open.

Please ensure that you review and follow the ATC rules and recommendations and self screen before play.

Great weather is coming …………. Enjoy!!

Bill Adams
ATC President

Court Update

Effective Saturday May 29th, Court 1 and Court 3 will be open for singles or doubles play. Maximum capacity for EACH court is restricted to 5 persons.

Members playing on Court 1 must enter and exit through the Court 1 gate.

Members playing on Court 3 must enter and exit through the Court 3 gate.

Both gate locks have the same code.

Cross court traffic is not allowed. If you are rotating between Court 1 and Court 3, please walk on the outside of the facility fence.

Court 2 is closed.

Please review “Rules and Recommended Behaviour” on the ATC website. Play safe!

As a reminder, until further notice, guests are not allowed on the courts.

Permission was a collaboration with the ATC Executive, Municipal and Health officials. We thank all for their efforts.

Further updates to follow as the Provincial Safety Roadmap Directive evolves.



Court Update

Just so that you know, we continue to monitor ATC court capacity requirements pursuant to the Provincial 3-Step Directive. Other clubs, larger that ours, are advocating for clarity regarding court capacity. If clarity does arrive, consultation will again resume with the Municipality.

Remember that our goal through this period is to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 by providing the safest facility possible while maximizing court use within the restrictions imposed.

To that end, please review the Rules and Recommended Behaviour page on the ATC website.

We will also monitor court usage to see if backlogs are occurring or waiting periods during prime time are problematic. To that end please remember our ATC club rule:

When all courts are in use….. The waiting period is 1/2 hour, or the end of the set, whichever is achieved first.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Bill Adams

Provincial Safety Roadmap (Update)

Provincial Safety Roadmap can be viewed here

Yesterday, I received information from the Ontario Tennis Association that caused me to question our decision to open the courts to a maximum of 12 players.

Different clubs in the Province were interpreting the allowable numbers of players in different ways. For example, a legal decision from the City of Ottawa advised that the maximum capacity of tennis courts Pre Provincial Roadmap Step 1 was limited to 5 persons only.

I felt it important to consult with the Municipality on this issue.

Following this discussion, the Municipality concurs with the Ottawa decision in interpreting the Provincial Safety Roadmap. The ATC courts are limited to 5 players until the Province goes to Step 1 around mid June.

Effective Thursday May 26th, court capacity will be limited to 5 persons.

Playing Options:
1 court of doubles (any additional players must wait outside the courts)
2 courts of singles (any additional players must wait outside the courts)
(example: persons rotating into play or a new players waiting for the court)

While this change is unfortunate, it is made with the overall intention to protect the health and safety of ATC members and others in our community.

Thanks for your patience and understranding

Bill Adams
ATC President

Tennis Courts Open

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills has authorized the opening of the ATC tennis courts as of Saturday May 22, 2021.

An email has been sent to all members who were registered in 2020, with the current gate code and 2021 membership information.

We welcome new members to join the Almonte Tennis Club.

Registration for the 2021 season is now open at New members will be sent the gate code upon approval of their application and membership payment.

ATC courts cannot be reserved, so we share court space by the following rule: When all courts are in use, doubles play is preferred but not mandatory.  The waiting period is 1/2 hour, or the end of the set, whichever is achieved first.

Stay safe. Have fun…..

Bill Adams
President ATC

Tennis Opening

The Province has announced that tennis courts are allowed to open as of Saturday May 22nd.

I am currently checking with the Municipality to inquire on any local restrictions that might apply.

Once local authority has been verified, the gate-lock combination will be sent to all members registered in 2020.

Bill Adams
President ATC