Provincial Safety Roadmap (Update)

Provincial Safety Roadmap can be viewed here

Yesterday, I received information from the Ontario Tennis Association that caused me to question our decision to open the courts to a maximum of 12 players.

Different clubs in the Province were interpreting the allowable numbers of players in different ways. For example, a legal decision from the City of Ottawa advised that the maximum capacity of tennis courts Pre Provincial Roadmap Step 1 was limited to 5 persons only.

I felt it important to consult with the Municipality on this issue.

Following this discussion, the Municipality concurs with the Ottawa decision in interpreting the Provincial Safety Roadmap. The ATC courts are limited to 5 players until the Province goes to Step 1 around mid June.

Effective Thursday May 26th, court capacity will be limited to 5 persons.

Playing Options:
1 court of doubles (any additional players must wait outside the courts)
2 courts of singles (any additional players must wait outside the courts)
(example: persons rotating into play or a new players waiting for the court)

While this change is unfortunate, it is made with the overall intention to protect the health and safety of ATC members and others in our community.

Thanks for your patience and understranding

Bill Adams
ATC President

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