Court Update

Just so that you know, we continue to monitor ATC court capacity requirements pursuant to the Provincial 3-Step Directive. Other clubs, larger that ours, are advocating for clarity regarding court capacity. If clarity does arrive, consultation will again resume with the Municipality.

Remember that our goal through this period is to reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 by providing the safest facility possible while maximizing court use within the restrictions imposed.

To that end, please review the Rules and Recommended Behaviour page on the ATC website.

We will also monitor court usage to see if backlogs are occurring or waiting periods during prime time are problematic. To that end please remember our ATC club rule:

When all courts are in use….. The waiting period is 1/2 hour, or the end of the set, whichever is achieved first.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Bill Adams

2 thoughts on “Court Update”

  1. Thanks very much for the court update. I appreciate the timely manner in which the information is distributed.


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