Court Update

Effective Saturday May 29th, Court 1 and Court 3 will be open for singles or doubles play. Maximum capacity for EACH court is restricted to 5 persons.

Members playing on Court 1 must enter and exit through the Court 1 gate.

Members playing on Court 3 must enter and exit through the Court 3 gate.

Both gate locks have the same code.

Cross court traffic is not allowed. If you are rotating between Court 1 and Court 3, please walk on the outside of the facility fence.

Court 2 is closed.

Please review “Rules and Recommended Behaviour” on the ATC website. Play safe!

As a reminder, until further notice, guests are not allowed on the courts.

Permission was a collaboration with the ATC Executive, Municipal and Health officials. We thank all for their efforts.

Further updates to follow as the Provincial Safety Roadmap Directive evolves.



3 thoughts on “Court Update”

  1. Hi.. this is good news.. I recently joined the club, paying my fee with an e-transfer.. how do I get code for gate locks.? thanks.. Sean

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