Annual General Meeting Notice

Greetings, Almonte Tennis Club members.

As spring approaches, our thoughts turn toward fair weather in anticipation of hitting the courts again. There are a number of items and opportunities that need to be addressed for the upcoming year.  Please read carefully and consider your participation.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for April 6th at 7:00 PM

Location: Almonte Community Centre, 182 Bridge Street (upper hall on 2nd floor)

CRITICAL ITEM: Replacement of outgoing ATC Executive Members

Our Club has an urgent need for new board members, as many positions are becoming vacant this year due to several factors.  The current Executive team is prepared to work with new leadership to assist in a smooth hand-off.  

It is VERY important to consider your level of involvement. We must have several members step up and manage basic operations to continue ENJOYING our low-cost, self-governed Almonte Tennis Club.  We have a great club, and we invite your contribution of time and support to help keep it going!

Please reply to: with questions, nominations, or to RSVP for the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you on April 6th.



The following information is an excerpt from the Club’s Constitution to better inform you of the Executive Committee positions and responsibilities, and to clarify nomination procedures:

Article 6:   Executive Committee Structure 

The Executive shall consist of the following elected members and shall be responsible for the operation of the Club:

  1. President
  2. Executive Assistant
  3. Vice President
  4. Treasurer
  5. Membership Coordinator
  6. Property Manager
  7. Program Coordinator
  8. Social Manager

The Past-President may act in an advisory capacity with non-voting privileges.

Article 7:   Election of Executive Committee Members

All members of the club are eligible for election as officers on the Executive Committee and may hold office for up to four consecutive years. (condition may be waived at the AGM). No member may hold the office of the President for more than two years (this condition may be waived at the AGM).

Nominations must be endorsed by a member in good standing and be submitted to the Executive in writing prior to the AGM.  In the event that more than one person is nominated for an office, members will elect one nominee by ballot at the AGM.

Article 8:   Responsibility and Power of the Executive

The Executive Committee is responsible for the operations of the club and its general powers exist to perform functions and conduct business that meets the objective of the club. It will, among other duties:

  • Ensure compliance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal guidelines and laws.
  • Communicate and negotiate club operations with the town of Mississippi Mills.
  • Manage for the annual opening, general daily maintenance, safety and security, and annual closing of the facility.
  • Collect membership fees and signed waivers.
  • Manage finance including insurance and membership with Ontario Tennis Association
  • Purchase equipment and supplies
  • Organize tournaments, league teams, social functions and professional lessons as required.
  • Govern according to the constitution
  • Conduct any other club business as required.

Article 9:   Executive Committee Meetings  

The Executive Committee will convene an Annual General Meeting prior to May 1st of that year. Notification of the AGM will be provided to members at least 30 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting will include a:

  1. Finncial Report
  2. Membership Report
  3. Property Report
  4. Program Report
  5. Social Report
  6. Executive Report
  7. Review of proposed budget
  8. Review of annual fees
  9. Review of Executive tenure and election of offices (if required)

Article 10:   Parliamentary Procedure

The quorum requirement for the Annual General Meeting is any five (5) members of the Executive Committee plus three (3) club members.