The Executive Committee is pleased to announce two Regular Season CLUB PLAY Programs that will run weekly May 1st to October 31st.

Please join us in welcoming the return of both the CLUB PLAY Morning Drop-In announced last August; and the CLUB PLAY Clubs Nights that are being reintroduced after being cancelled for the last two years.

Please note the following details:


Open to: All adult members and youth members over 16 years old

Skill Level: Players of all abilities are encouraged to participate

Style of Play: Drop-in doubles tennis; rotation on a game basis, organized to allow players of mixed levels and fitness to play together

When: Weekly Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30am

May 1st to October 31st

Where: All Courts


Open to: All adult members and youth members over 16 years old

Skill Level: Players of all abilities are welcome

Style of Play: MIX and MATCH doubles tennis; rotation on short set basis. Organized to allow players of mixed skill levels to play together; and to match-up players of similar skill levels.

When: Weekly Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30pm

May 1st to October 31st

Where: All Courts


OPEN PLAY (first come first access to single court) is not permitted on courts reserved for CLUB PLAY

The Club Executive Committee sets the date and time for all Club Play; participating members may not alter those times.

 Individual members or groups of members cannot organize group play using multiple courts.



Court Schedule

“To avoid disappointment, check the schedule before going to the courts”

OPEN Play Courts 1-2-3 are available on a first come first access basis with the following scheduled exceptions:

Please check the schedule prior to heading to the courts, as the ATC reserves the right to alter the schedule at any time to reflect staffing availability and program attendance.

The Almonte Tennis Club COVID-19 Tennis Safety Guidelines & Protection Protocol (APRIL 2022):

The ATC priority is to keep all club members and guests safe. The ATC is committed to following all provincial directives and recommendations to support safe play for all. There are currently no restrictions to playing outdoor tennis in place.

The ATC encourages members to self screen ( before playing, be aware of distancing and sanitizing. You can keep up-to-date with the current COVID-19 isolation guidelines here ( ) to know when it is safe to play following covid exposure or infection.

Recent COVID-19 guidance has been released from the hospitals and health units in Eastern Ontario for the general public:

and guidance for families with school children:

If there are any changes in official guidelines the ATC will post notices, as required. Please respect the decisions of all members.


The ATC is pleased to officially announce the opening of the tennis PRE-SEASON as of Wednesday, April 20th.  Both 2021 registered members and newly registered 2022 members are invited to enjoy pre-season play.  


  1. Pre-season schedule (April 20th to May 1st):  OPEN PLAY
    1. There are no CLUB PLAY Programs scheduled during the pre-season.
    1. Many members are eager to resume Morning Drop-In Tennis. Interested members are invited to join representatives of the Executive Committee at the Courts Thursday April 28th  9:30a.m. (weather permitting) for a welcome meeting and stay to play together.
  • The CLUB COURT SCHEDULE for the 2022 REGULAR Season begins May 1st and an announcement of the upcoming schedule will be posted soon.
  • You can expect to see three Categories of court time usage on the Club Schedule. Please ensure you keep abreast of the CLUB Court Schedule prior to heading to the courts to play.  The Court Schedule helps ensure reasonable and equitable access to the courts for all members. Knowing the schedule and following any updates will help you take advantage of playing opportunities and avoid disappointment.
  • The three Categories of court usage time are:

Understanding what these categories are is important. Please keep reading below to more about these and the rules ( that apply.


We are all eager to get back to our regular tennis routine.  We know many of you will want to know this year’s plans for Programs, including the schedule for Open Play, Club Drop-In mornings, Club Nights, your options to join Lessons and Tournaments; or participate in other special events.

There is considerable work involved to get these programs restarted after two years of restrictions. Please be patient and rest assured your Executive Committee is working to reintroduce a range of programs in an incremental and responsible manner.



Court time exclusively for self-organized members wanting to play doubles, singles, or practice alone.

  • Members cannot reserve a court time in advance; courts are available on a first come-first access basis.
  • Rule #5 applies. Know It and Follow It.
  • Multi-court use by a self-organized group of players is not permitted during scheduled OPEN PLAY.
  • The number of players on a single court is normally between 1 and 4 players. 
  • On occasions where members are rotating in an additional one or two players please ensure you respect play on other courts by having rotating players wait where they do not interfere with play on adjoining courts.
  • Please avoid distracting or disrupting players on adjoining courts.


Court time scheduled by the Almonte Tennis Club for group programming open to all Members. Different types of CLUB PLAY include: Morning DROP-IN Tennis; Club Night; Club Organized Group Lessons; Club Ladders; Open House; Free Clinics etc.

  • The Almonte Tennis Club reserves the right to schedule, structure, and manage all CLUB PLAY.
  • Individual members or groups of members cannot organize group play using multiple courts.
  • The Club sets the day, start and end time for all Club Play; participating members may not alter those times.
  • OPEN PLAY is not permitted on Courts reserved for CLUB PLAY. 


Court time reserved through the Almonte Tennis Club on request from non-members. Different types of SPECIAL USE  include: The ADHS Spring and Fall PhysEd Class; training time for the ADHS Tennis Team; Maintenance Requirements identified by the Town of Mississippi Mills; Community Events;  Private and semi-private fee based lessons provided to members by certified instructors.

  • Except for the scheduled maintenance by the Town of Mississippi Mills, the Almonte Tennis Club has authority to accept or reject requests for Special Use.
  • Requests for Special Use must be directed to the Almonte Tennis Club for consideration by the Executive Committee.
  • Members will be notified of Reservations accepted for SPECIAL USE, and any potential impacts on the availability of OPEN PLAY or interruptions to CLUB PLAY.

Meet our new Executive Committee

The Almonte Tennis Club has a New Executive Committee.  I would like to congratulate everyone on their election and thank them for volunteering to help govern the Club.  Please join me in welcoming the new team and expressing the Club’s appreciation for their upcoming service.

Our team is already hard at work to get the Courts open for the season and looking forward to an active and enjoyable season. Registrations are being accepted effective Saturday April 16th, 2022.

Some of you may have noticed that the Courts incurred some damage over the winter as a result of a fallen light. Rest assured that the Town of Mississippi Mills is making all the necessary repairs as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, the Courts remain closed.  Opening day will not be far off so please be patient while we ensure the Courts are ready and safe for play. 

Please take a moment to see who will be responsible for the operation of the Club.  We hope to get to know all our members and hope you get to know us too.   

Liz Rootham, President
Luke Potvin, Vice President
Elaine Shea, Executive Assistant
Karin Crawford, Treasurer
Ralph Holm, Membership Coordinator
Rob Abramenko, Program Coordinator
Carolyn Klickermann, Social Coordinator
JP Thonney, Property Manager

Finally, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the New Executive Committee and all of the Club Members, to every one of the former Executive Committee. They had a very tough job given the circumstances of the last couple of years and worked tremendously hard to give all members the opportunity to enjoy tennis.  So I raise my hat to: Bill Adams, former President and Webmaster; Bruce Paulauskas, former Vice President; Barb Fraser, former Executive Assistant; Derek Rafuse, former and longstanding Treasurer; Cecilia Kelly, former Membership Coordinator; Karl Krech, former Property Manager; Terry Dyer-Adams, former Social Coordinator; Paul Scissons, former past President; and posthumously to Hyacinh Chatterton, former Program Coordinator. You never really understand how much these volunteers have done for the Club until you take on their roles.

Liz Rootham