Did you know (#2)?

The Ontario Tennis Association (OTA)

  • The Almonte Tennis Club (ATC) is a registered member of the OTA and pays annual dues to the OTA based on the number of club members. 
  • OTA dues and Insurance amount to about 1/3 of the ATC’s annual operating budget.
  • In return, the Club receives support and services that help the Executive effectively govern the Club; manage and maintain the Courts, and develop tennis programming. 
  •  Among the OTA services offered, the ATC is able to access insurance coverage that protects our members and the Executive Committee.
  • The Club can also access a wide range of policies and programs from options for court resurfacing to guidelines for hiring tennis instructors.
  • The ATC is also able to connect with other local tennis clubs through the OTA.
  • Membership allows the ATC to hold two OTA sponsored doubles clinics per season. For registration of the next available clinic held on August 27, 2022 email Robert at rabramenko@gmail.com.

Note: the ATC promotes and encourages tennis according to the ‘OTA Rules of Tennis’. This can be seen on our new signage at the courts, which includes ‘Almonte Tennis Club Rules’, the OTA ‘Tennis Etiquette’ and ‘Simplified Rules of Tennis’.