Did you know #3 – Follow the Money Money Money

Who does what:

Until 1970 ATC members covered all costs associated with the construction, maintenance and operation of the courts.

It wasn’t until 1990 that the ATC turned to the Municipality for financial support due to poor condition of the courts and the Club’s inability, despite valiant repeated efforts, to obtain grant funding for resurfacing from the Province.

Consequently, the ATC entered into a formal Maintenance and Management Agreement with the Municipality that stipulates specific Club and Municipality responsibilities with respect to management of the Club and courts.

This Agreement has the ATC fully responsible for operation of the courts and tennis programming as well as all routine day to day property management including smaller scale purchases such as nets, screens, signage etc.

The Municipality’s primary responsibility is for the courts themselves including resurfacing, fencing and lighting. However, the ATC is obligated, under the Agreement, to make ‘significant contributions’ toward those major capital projects

Who pays for what:

The ATC currently invests more than 40% of annual revenue in routine court maintenance. These costs vary from year to year.

In addition, since 1990, the ATC has been expected to put $2,000 annually into a reserve fund to support future capital projects. It has traditionally contributed up to 50% of costs incurred by the Municipality for major court improvement projects.

A number of significant expenditures have been made since 1990, with both the Municipality and the ATC relying on provincial grants to fund large projects like court resurfacing, which can be very costly. 

This year, the Municipality has funded a court surface structural integrity study as the foundation for a proposed grant application to address necessary court resurfacing, fence repair/replacement as well as a new lighting array. 

The study results are not yet available to date, but it is expected court resurfacing, fencing and lighting will carry a significant cost to which the ATC is expected to provide a major contribution. 


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