Notice of Annual General Meeting (March 21, 6:30pm)

You’re Invited – Don’t Miss Out

As spring approaches, our thoughts turn toward fair weather in anticipation of hitting the courts again. There are a number of items and opportunities that need to be addressed for the upcoming year.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for March 21 at 6:30 PM

Location: John Levi Community Centre, 182 Bridge Street (upper hall above the arena on 2nd floor)

Join your Board of Directors to hear reports on the past year, get information about the upcoming year, and ensure your voice is heard!

In addition to Annual Reports, we will be updating members on Court Improvements, Results of Member Surveys, Voting on Revised By-Laws, Announcing 2023 Fees, Introducing Program Enhancements, and Voting in new Board Members.

CRITICAL ITEM: Board of Director Nominations

The Almonte Tennis Club relies on the active contribution of members who volunteer as Directors.  Please consider accepting a nomination to be part of the Board. The Club is entirely member run; consequently, your participation is VERY important to the ongoing success of the Club.

Join Our Team: We’re a great group!

President: Liz Rootham

Treasurer: Karin Crawford

Registrar: Ralph Holm

Information Officer (formerly VP): Luke Potvin

Social Coordinator: Carolyn Klickermann

A few of our Directors are moving on so we have some vacancies to fill.  A big thank you for their stellar contributions over the past year:

Executive Assistant: Elaine Shea

Property Manager: JP Thonney

Program Coordinator: Rob Abramenko

We’re sad to lose them but know there are other Club Members who have lots to offer.

Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:

Property Manager

  • Manages routine maintenance, ongoing safety and security of the tennis facility
  • Works in close partnership with the Municipality on capital projects to ensure court facilities meet ongoing needs

Program Coordinator

  • Organizes and schedules Club events including tournaments, league teams, drop-in events and
  • Promotes community access through Special Use Reservations, including summer camps and professional lessons

Executive Assistant

  • Supports the Board through organization of meetings, distribution of documents, and recording of discussions
  • Supports the Information Officer in maintaining official documents

Director At Large

  • Undertakes special projects on an ad hoc basis to encourage and promote the game of tennis, creating opportunities to enhance access and inclusion for all.
  • Supports other Director’s in execution of their responsibilities, as required

Vice President

  • Aids and assists the President in the completion of their duties and responsibilities
  • Supports program and facility improvements by engaging purposefully with the membership and with other community groups about their interests and concerns

More details on Roles and Responsibilities for each position are available. If you have questions about these positions, contact the Club

Nominations are being accepted until March 13th for Election at the AGM March 21st.

Please reply to: with nominations, or to RSVP for the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you on March 21!