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    August 7, 2020 by

    The following quiz is the latest tennis “brain burner” contribution by club pro Hyacinth C. Hyacinth’s quizzes educate us of the rules of tennis by challenging us to sort out the various interpretations that are often made by individual players. You can take the latest quiz by clicking on the button below.


    July 31, 2020 by

    THIS IS THE LATEST SERIES OF TIPS FROM OUR CLUB PRO. ALL GOOD INFORMATION TO IMPROVE FOCUS AND MOVE A BALANCE OF CONTROL TO “YOUR” SIDE OF THE NET.  SECTION#-[2]~HELPFUL-HINTS Sub-Section-[ii]: Picture Y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f—Continued … TAKING CONTROL •WHEN you can, •WHERE you can in 5 more areas where you’re totally in charge! OPENING-NOTES: some hints below are geared towards competitive situations; nevertheless, whether… Read more

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