Almonte Tennis Court Use Rules

  1.  Access to the Courts is limited to members and their paying guests, or for approved special events.
  2. The Tennis courts are to be used for tennis and tennis related activities only.
  3. Appropriate clothing and tennis shoes must be worn on the courts.
  4. Almonte Tennis Club is committed to ensuring reasonable and equitable access to the courts for all members. Courts are first come first access by one group to a single court. (except for specified group play- see posted schedule)
  5. During open play wait time for a court is 30 minutes. Once notified, the players on that court may continue to play for 30 minutes before giving the court to the waiting players. The following conditions apply:
    • Waiting time applies to the court, not to the playing time of individual players.
    • Waiting players must indicate they are waiting and wait outside the fence.
    • Players giving up their court to newly arrived players are permitted to immediately become waiting players and indicate to the next longest occupied court they are waiting to play.
    • When all courts are occupied, doubles play is preferred but not mandatory.
  6. Members and guests are expected to display good sporting manner and proper etiquette at this facility.
  7. Gates must be locked when courts are not in use. Please ensure that the lock tumblers are spun after locking.

Note: Failure by members or guests to comply with these rules may result in revocation of membership. Anyone who damages club property will be charged the costs for replacement or repair.