Fall Workshops

Intended for teens and adults up to player level 3.5 (if you can consistently and confidently perform and place all of the elements below at a fast pace and with varied spin in match situations, you are at or above 3.5).  
Great tips for beginners but everyone can benefit from reminders about the basics!-Meet other players.

FREE for members$10 for non- members

1. GRS: Groundstrokes, Ready, Set – Saturday 14 September 10:00
2. VOL:  Volley, Overhead, Lob – Saturday 21 September 10:00
3. SRV: Serve, Return, Variety shots – Saturday 5 October 10:00
All 3: Feet, Feet, Feet!

Stay after to practice in friendly matches on 2 courts from 11:00 – 12:00!

SIGN UP NOW TO GET A SPOT!Maximum 10 players per workshop.
Sign up with Janet asap at playmortennis@yahoo.ca

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